Travellers Woes

We have now arrived in Darwin. And of course – we had quite the excitement in that 30 hours. Let me see where and how I should start!

Firstly, our flight from Miami International Airport (MIA) was delayed for 3 hours due to a faulty mechanical part which decommissioned the aircraft we were suppose to be on. We then boarded a replacement aircraft which arrived in Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) at 11pm – however, there were no available gates opened for the aircraft at that time and we had to wait for another aircraft to push-back which was at 11.30pm. Our connecting flight was at 11.55pm from LAX.

Thankfully we had Qantas representatives waiting for us with our boarding passes and the aircraft waited for us – while we ran from a domestic terminal to the international terminal! What the aircraft did not wait for was our luggages! As we landed at Sydney International Airport at around 8am, we had to go through the Australian Border Force; then to the baggage services to redirect our luggages from Sydney to Darwin, and that easily took 30 minutes; bearing in mind that our connecting flight starts boarding at 8.55am. We did however received an AUD200 credit card from Qantas to make emergency purchases!

Once that was done, we then realised that the international terminal and domestic terminal were not internally connected! We rushed to grab a taxi towards the domestic terminal and almost missed our connection short of 5 minutes! I have to say we were pretty lucky to have not missed a single connection throughout our 30 hours journey although we did not have our luggages. Gregor was one grumpy man! Some highlights of the conversations we had:

Anna: Gregor, when was the last time you had so much excitement?

Gregor: This is one excitement that I don’t need.

Anna: *big grins*

Gregor: Why are you still so cheerful.

Anna: Because we still have not missed a flight and got a good workout!

Gregor: *rolls eyes*

While Gregor still has two of his carry-ons and while he grumbles about the meagre in-flight meal services, all I have with me now are the contents I could stuff in my tiny backpack – which actually does include a change of clothes.


That’s all I have with me now!

Looks like I will have some shopping to do! I hope Gregor allows me to spend all AUD 200 – which I doubt he will. I am in need of a shower – pronto!

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