Today is my last day on land as we will leave to board the JOIDES Resolution tomorrow morning at 09:00 ACST. The co-chief scientists, staffs and technicians have already boarded the ship this morning. Some good news: my luggage finally arrived in Darwin – I literally hugged it as though my life depended on it (it kinda did as all my supplies are in there)!

Tomorrow is also the day I will find out which 12 hour shift I will be on. It is either the day (12:00 to 24:00) or night shift (24:00 to 12:00). Either way, it does not bother me which shift I will be on. It is the 12 hours of working non-stop (maybe a few cookie-breaks and a lunch-break in between) is what I hope I can cope with.

On top of that, limited internet access can be quite the challenge as well. No more random OK googles, google maps, PhD comics, the Oatmeal, etc. I think I can adopt some imaginary friends on board the ship to keep me entertained while we have a Mad Hatter Tea Party!

On the bright side, I have made a few new friends from the science party. We are quite the international crowd – meaning that our communication in English will be rather interesting! Until then, tonight is my final chance to sleep on a fluffy bed. Goodnight world!

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