Photo of Desperation

What do one do when there is something important to show a group of scientists and it involves taking a photo of the sampling table? Our Carlos had a brilliant idea!

Carlos on Deck!

Carlos on Deck!

We were going to have a shift crossover meeting in 5 minutes and because a last minute detail came up and he needed a photo for the presentation. That was probably the best solution at the time. In fact, he got the message out to us with that photo he took on how each scientist sampling shipboard specimens should pick their own samples to prevent contamination and to obtain the best result for the expedition.

My own sampling tab!

My own sampling tab!

The best part of being a sedimentologist on board is that I get a personal tab for samples I would like to have for sampling! And with a 4 letter last name, it fits perfectly on the tab!

Next time I will write about what it is like being a sedimentologist onboard the JR for a carbonate expedition. It is time for bed.

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