Fantastic Four

We have now been at our current site since 29th October 2015 and today is 6th November 2015 and we are still not done with the site yet. Almost 10 days of describing pure carbonate mud – from 4 different boreholes! I call them the fantastic four.

From Hole-A to Hole-D, sedimentologists have been battling with over 1km worth of very fine to fine grained highly bioturbated planktic foraminifera-rich wackestone to packstone intervals with colours ranging from very dark brownish gray to white. Occasionally, we need the help of tweezers to remove sponge spicules from our hands after describing or packing up the cores. In case if you are not familiar with sponge spicules, these are small sponge fragments made of silica in the shape of needles. Imagine having fine cactus needles embedded in your hands – that is pretty much what sponge spicules does too.

Now, a dedicated Hole-E is being drilled for logging. Boy am I glad that we do not have to describe more carbonate mud today. The next site will be site I have to write a report for. Also, next week we enter the dreaded week 6! Not that anything has changed so far with me but still, wish me luck!

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