Core 100!

It has been 5 days since my last entry! Today I will try to make it up. We hit core 100 yesterday. The first 100 for this entire expedition and yours truly will have to write a report on this site with a total of 111 cores. We had beautiful cores though – so, I would not be complaining too much except for the fact that the report is due in 2 days.

Core 100! Yoohoo!

Core 100! Yoohoo! 

Yes, we have a board that keeps track of all the cores that comes out from the drill floor. The same board greets me every morning when I head to work. If you think 100% recovery is scary, imagine 105% recovery of 9.5 m. Sedimentologists go bananas with the workload. We will be logging this site soon, so there is some time to catch-up on reports!


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