It’s a Jet-setter Life

This is THE day where we (my advisor and I) are jetting off from Miami International Airport to Darwin International Airport. The pros of flying out with your advisor – I get to visit the American Airlines Admirals Club! It’s a pretty darn good view if you ask me – I couldn’t have asked for a better view. While I will miss the Oktoberfest held in Miami – I am compensating by having a limited edition Samuel Adams Oktoberfest beer.


American Airlines Admirals Club View

Also, the advantage of being Malaysian (or Asian) – I have to live up to my standards of being Asian by bringing along my GoPro and snapping pictures of everything and anything. Hey! – Memories are the only thing I bring back with me whenever I travel.


My advisor Gregor and I ‘working’ at the airport

As I sit and write while looking at my boarding pass, I realised that this will be an extremely LONG flight with multiple connections. But, I am definitely not complaining – the perks of loving what you do!


It is going to be a long flight!

Looking back into the past week, I am glad to have met up and caught up with my friends in Miami. I will definitely do miss them during the 2 month 3 weeks timeframe but it will be all for the advancement of my knowledge which I am terribly excited for! You will all here from me when we land. Tchüss for now!

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