Nomadic Scientists

As the ship-boarding day arrived, a chartered bus took the science party to the JOIDES Resolution (JR). Of course, we are excited to get moving to our home for the next 2 months.


All aboard! Ready to set sail!

The JR is quite the beauty, anchored by the port of Darwin. Retrofitted in her are some of the most advanced technologies science could provide, to help us unearth the subsurface information we are looking for.


The JR at Port of Darwin in all her glory!


The JR with Jesus and I now basking in our glory!

And of course, there is Jesus the wandering Spaniard and the almost-roasted in the Australian heat Malaysian! Many of you would have remembered him from his trip to RSMAS earlier this year. It was indeed great to see a familiar face again. As Gregor puts it, we now have double the trouble – since we are on the same shift! During the port-call, we are allowed to leave the JR after our meetings and preparation.


Holding onto dear life!

The tide changes throughout the day and of course, at night upon our return from Darwin, the gangway towards the ship was near vertical! There is an evidence of Jesus monkeying around holding onto dear life!

Watch out for my next post as I will walk you through parts of the ship and the laboratory where I will spend 12 hours a night in – it is now confirmed that I will be on the night shift (24:00 to 12:00)! So, I am pretty much on the same schedule as though I was in Miami. Recovering from jet-lag be damned! I have to reset my body clock back to Miami time (my cortisol concentrations will be shooting off the roof).

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